Paulina Kubrak

Hi, it’s Paulina here! I am an archaeologist and by profession I’m sealing a dream travel. But one step at a time… I started traveling after the college. For the first time in my life I flew by plane to Rome, as part of a study tour. I flew and fell in love in this eternal city. Well I loved the street hustle and bustle, places where the past is intertwined with the present. Now I try to return there as often as I can. Thanks to my studies I moved out of Poland for a month and sometimes for longer in search of the past. I participated in excavations in Crimea and many times in Georgia, which holds a special place in my heart. 


Over time, I took a job at a travel agency with Poland’s largest tour operator, becoming a dream salesman. That’s how I began my adventure with tourism. I love advising on trips, especially to people for whom this will be their first trip abroad and infect them with curiosity about the world. Many of my clients come back with an appetite for more 🙂 In the meantime, I changed companies, and then quickly came covid. For the first time in my life I got a notice of termination, but I didn’t resent my job and fought to continue working in the industry. After a month of unemployment with a raging pandemic and one big unknown about the future, I managed to find a job at another travel agency. For nearly 1.5 years I was in charge of organizing weddings abroad, both in Europe and in more exotic places around the world, fulfilling the dreams of many brides and grooms. However, there was less and less real tourism and travel issues involved, so I returned to the travel agency again. You can now meet me in one of Warsaw’s largest galleries in a red sweater 🙂 


On the blog I will tell you about interesting facts from the world, share my travel experiences, inspire you to travel, and smuggle the secret knowledge that will help you go to the best “all” in your life 🙂 

Traveler Metrics:

  • List of countries visited: 15
  • Favorite city in the world: Rome
  • Country where he feels at home: Georgia
  • Travel dreams: Morocco, the Galapagos Islands, Tuscany, the Azores, the United States and a paradisiacal beach in Bora Bora, but actually there is much, much more 🙂

Cześć! Nazywamy się Paulina i Oskar. Jesteśmy blogerami, dla których zarówno turystyka jak i archeologia nie są obce. Od lat pracujemy w tych branżach, a od 2021 roku zapraszamy na blog, gdzie oprócz łączenia podróży z historią, dzielimy się praktyczną wiedzą, ciekawostkami i relacjami z wyjazdów. O Nas.

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