Years of experience as an archaeologist and in the tourism industry have allowed us to expand our spectrum of knowledge and organizational resourcefulness. Many times we had in our hands various equipment that worked in many situations. You can’t hide anything in travel, and neither can you in archaeology, so for us the most important thing is honesty and truth, because this is what delights us in culture and history.


As archaeologists and travelers, we are constantly expanding our horizons, so little is scary to us. If you have an idea for an advertising campaign, promotional action do not be shy – write to us.


We can cooperate on several levels:

  • We are happy to advise, suggest, as well as answer questions about travel, organization, tourism, and archaeology.


  • We cooperate with companies – we will design an advertisement for a product, brand or region. We are distinguished by creative action and ingenuity, which is always combined with travel and/or historical and archaeological themes.


  • We create photos, videos. We publish them on our youtube channel and on social media. We have equipment that allows us to create professional recordings. With a drone (Oskar has a special category) we will take aerial shots and videos that will enrich and interest viewers.


  • We cooperate with archaeologists during their research. We perform photogrammetry of objects, excavations and archaeological finds. We take aerial photos using a drone. In addition, we create reports, interviews and professional material to advertise and promote both the expedition, the site and archaeology itself.


  • You are a tourist organizer and are looking for a tour leader or tourist specialist – you have come to the very right place. We will suggest how to diversify your itinerary for a round trip or a carefree stay in a charming place. We do not offer only intellectual value, but also practical value – Oskar will be happy to take care of the group, guide, show and delight in culture, but always with a dash of archaeology, while Paulina will help with the choice of hotel and attractions around the place where you rest.


  • Specially for you, we can organize a workshop or lecture, which we will adapt to the audience. We have experience in public presentations for both large and small groups of all ages. It’s up to you whether we get interested in archaeology, travel, places, or maybe more practical information is needed – i.e. what to take, where to go, how to prepare.


  • If you have equipment to try, test or a book to review – feel free to contact us. If you are the owner of a hotel, guesthouse, restaurant and you care about coverage we would like to make a relation our stay – please write to us and we will be in contact faster than you think.  


If you have questions or a proposal for cooperation write to or use the contact form.




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Cześć! Nazywamy się Paulina i Oskar. Jesteśmy blogerami, dla których zarówno turystyka jak i archeologia nie są obce. Od lat pracujemy w tych branżach, a od 2021 roku zapraszamy na blog, gdzie oprócz łączenia podróży z historią, dzielimy się praktyczną wiedzą, ciekawostkami i relacjami z wyjazdów. O Nas.

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